Singapore Live Betting- Make Money on Popular and Not So Popular Sports

Some Singapore betting sites are a paradise for live bettors. These seasoned gamblers regularly make upwards of $50,000 by betting on some extremely popular and not so popular games. In fact, the Singapore live betting circuit has taken the online gambling world by storm.

Live betting today is much like the gold diggers of the Wild West who set out to bag riches. Theirs was an extremely risky journey. These adventurers had bet their entire money on getting gold. Some of these ‘bettors’ made fortunes, but most of them could barely make some money. Live betting is like this only.

Live betting attracts gamblers because of one simple reason. They know that it is easier to beat the bookies while the action is taking place. Nobody can influence the outcome of the event that is taking place before so many people.

However, the truth is that live betting is a very intense, and difficult activity. Inexperienced bettors find it difficult to hold on to their emotions while seeing the odds dance before their eyes. If you are not careful, you can end up losing your hard-earned money on your Singapore live betting site.

However, you can still ace your game and make money by placing bets on football, basketball, horseracing, tennis, and other popular sports. Here are some time-tested live betting strategies that may work for you.

  1. Never lay your bets to recover your losses. We know it is difficult for many newbies to follow this tip, but if you are laying bets only to minimize your losses, you will only multiply the latter.
  2. Never place all your live bets at the same moment. Wait for the right moment to place your next bet. Keep a note of what all is happening on the various Singapore betting sites, and then place your bet. Please remember that live betting is a very dynamic activity, and outcomes change every moment.
  3. Many amateur bettors don’t watch the games that they lay bets on. These gamblers are easily swayed by catchphrases like’ Dangerous Moves’ etc. These phrases are meant to put you off-balance. Rather, we’d advise you to actually watch the game you are interested in and then lay your bet as it progresses.
  4. Please analyze all the stats before laying your bets. For example, if you are interested in the English Premier League, analyze all the stats of all the major players. This would help you make a better judgment. That said, please realize that every event is independent in nature. For example, if stats say that Chelsea has won 60% of all its matches against Arsenal, this doesn’t mean that the next match too will be won by Chelsea. The result can go either way. Use your gut feeling as well.

While live betting is an exciting activity, we’d advise you to check with as many bookmakers as possible. When you have a broad range of information, you are more likely to earn big.