Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Betting Singapore

Besides being a great trading destination, Singapore is also known for its awesome online betting activities. There is more to the Lion City than just finance, trade and business. This article brings out five things that most of us don’t know about the Singapore betting scene.

1. A new form of betting

While horse racing and betting are one of the most popular activities all over the world, there is a new form of betting that is gaining ground in Singapore. This novel betting involves placing of bets not just on horses but also dogs, harnesses, and of course horses.

Many Singapore betting companies offer this form of betting to their customers to enlarge their portfolio of products. All the racing-related products are licensed by the respected gaming companies.

In the South East Asia region, Singapore is well known for its Singapore Lotteries. Many players come to this country simply to play lotteries and earn big. Unlike Malaysia, rules in Singapore are quite lenient and that’s why players from neighbouring countries come here to become millionaires.

2.  Exciting Promotions

Betting Singapore becomes more attractive thanks to some very attractive promotions and bonuses rolled out by various online casinos.

For example, a few betting platforms offer a 100% Welcome bonus to all their new members. Players can use this bonus to earn big. Of course, it is not mandatory for all the new members to use this bonus.

There are other bonuses as well like a Happy Birthday Bonus. Look out for various promos and bonuses that are rolled out by the casinos all of a sudden.

3. Unmatched security

An online casino may pack some of the best games in its inventory but unless it has put in place tough security measures, this casino will be passed along by players. Generally, the betting Singapore scene is dominated by betting companies that comply with strict security regulations. This means that your funds and private information remain safe and nobody can steal them.

4. Unmatched customer service

Singapore based betting companies are also known for their unmatched customer service. Whenever you experience any problem, all you need to know is write a message in the Live Chat field of your customer service department. Some online betting companies also have hotline numbers for their customers.

5. Different payment options

Now you don’t have to worry about your payment options. Several online betting companies accept payments from varied channels like Skrill, Neteller, Visa and Mastercard. This makes things very simple for players as they don’t have to set up new payment channels.

Many Singapore betting companies also process your deposits and withdrawals very quickly. Your winnings are also confirmed almost instantaneously by these companies. That’s a remarkable value these betting companies provide to their players.

If you are excited about the Singapore betting scenario, you may consider opening an account on H3asia, a leading online betting platform active in Singapore and a few other East Asian countries.